What You Need To Know About Tennis Betting

Tennis BettingBetting on tennis can be done in different ways. The details on tennis betting are extensive, but it must be noted that betting involves several factors. A bettor should consider the performance of players, their history of wins and losses, and their physical or health conditions.

There are different types of betting on tennis. One is betting on individual competitions, a betting style in which the decision of the bettor is largely influenced by the rank of a player. So if Player A is matched with Player B, whose rank is far below that of Player A’s, it is most likely that the first player will win the match. Hence, betting on Player A would give you greater assurance of winning.

Set betting is another scheme in tennis betting and is also one of the most popular. Unlike the previous type, this type of betting involves predicting the possible outcome of the match. If you predict the final score, say 3-0, and you happen to be right with your bet, you win. This is good as long as you are an experienced bettor. Slapdash betting can lead to losses. The odds for this type of wager are lower than the odds on the previous type of betting or judi online.

Handicap betting is also popular, especially online. For instance, you can place a wager on a player in a tennis match to win or lose at either +1.5 or -1.5 sets, and you can cast bets on a favorable player at +7.5 or -7.5 games. Handicap betting may only be suitable for experienced bettors, as the odds are not always that upfront. Newbies may want to give this a try though.

Tennis betting can be approached in various ways. The best thing that a beginner should do is get familiar with the sport and the popular players. You can become an expert bettor once you understand the game. Coming up with better betting choices is possible with enough experience and information. At the same time, you have to be particular with betting odds so that you would know the chances of winning and risks of losing.

Betting on tennis may seem purely governed by chance, but there are tips to increase chances of winning.

Consider the rank of the player. High ranking tennis players can be your best bets. They rank high because they play well. Since they play well, they have better chances of winning against players who are not prominent. However, you may be surprised that a top 10 player is defeated by a virtually unfamiliar contender.

Venue of the game may play a role in the match outcome too. You have probably heard of the home court advantage. Players have higher chances of winning if the match is held at their home court. At the same time, tennis players brought to a foreign country with a different climate may suffer from reduced performance. However, a lot of players are tough.

Did the player suffer from recent injury? Would you place your bet on someone who recently had a knee or ankle injury? A recent injury reduces the performance and endurance of a player, lowering their chances of winning.

Of course, there are other considerations, like the recent performance of the player. As they say, a player is just as a good as their last performance.

Betting On The Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby

This is one race that has it all. A great heritage with lots of press on hand and tons of celebrities over flowing everywhere the eye can see. If you were ever going to attend just one horse race in your lifetime, this would be the one that you should see.

So how does one go about betting at the Kentucky Derby? The answer to that, for lack of a better couple words is carefully and large.

This is one race where people drop more money than an average middle-income home mortgage for a few moments of time on a race. Sure you can bet as you would at any other race, but this is the Kentucky Derby. You should come prepared to wager like a rock star.

This is one race that is so easy to bet; that it’s a wonder the entire world does not make at least a small bet on it. You can bet several months in advance if you desire or you can wait until ten minutes before the race to plant your bet. That way you have the freedom to do all the research that your heart desires before laying out the hard earned cash.

Before you continue reading this article, keep in mind that you can also make horse racing bets online on the website agen judi online.

The deal with betting months in advance is that the pool of bets generally pays quite well. The main downfall is that if the horse that you pick to win does not run in the race, you get no refund and you are just out the money. Most betters will wait until the actual day of the race to make sure the horse is capable of running before they bet.

If you are looking to make a big score and have faith in the horse that you want, place your money on that horse to win. If you are at all queasy about that, you can spread the bet out over several horses.

It would be wise of you to keep tabs on the horse for at lease several weeks before the derby. See how he is doing and how he is running. Watch some races he is in and make sure he is running well and if you are betting the day of the derby, check television and watch that mornings workouts.

Horse Racing

Take the time, well in advance to figure out whether you will be one of the thousands attending it live at Churchill Downs or at your favorite watering hole or OTB facility.

If you are going to watch at somewhere other than the physical race, be sure that at least a week before the race you set yourself up with a legal betting account.

If you are at the downs or a facility that simulcasts the event, you can shuffle up the window and place your bet. The way you do this is very important, you must tell them the track name, which is Churchill Downs, the number of the race, your wager amount and the program numbers of the horses.

That’s it, now just watch the race and be sure to hang on to your tickets until such time as the race is declared official.